7 Best Houseplants for Anti-Allergy Indoor Gardens

 Homiful.com - Not all plants bring allergies, some can even help you from the issues. Learn these 7 Best Houseplants for Anti-Allergy Indoor Gardens. They are a suitable option for those who suffer from allergies due to pollen and other indoor pollutants. Let's check it out!

Areca palm


This houseplant is an efficient air humidifier and suitably be put in an indoor area. Areca palm can keep your home moist when it's dry in the winter season.

Bamboo palm


Including low-maintenance houseplants, the bamboo palm is one of the excellent air purifiers. They prefer to grow in moist soil but not overwater. Set them in indirect sunlight for the best growth.

Peace lily


As a popular houseplant, Peace Lily also can help you with allergies. They can absorb mold spores and keep them from growing. Put the Peace Lily in the area where moisture and humidity might be building up.



Sansevieria is an adaptable houseplant that gives you more benefits by putting an indoor or outdoor area. Having vertical leaves and variegated colors, it makes a pretty aesthetic interior decoration. Make sure don't overwater or overfertilize this houseplant.



This beautiful houseplant can enhance your home with its looks. They have shiny deep green leaves and give moderate water. Place at a spot where it gets plenty of direct sunlight. Just be aware, Dracaena is renowned for trapping allergens in its leaves.

Heartleaf philodendron


To know, Heartleaf Philodendron can improve your indoor air quality. And it makes a deal for people who have allergies. They look gorgeous with a foliage plant that can scrub significant amounts of harmful gases out of the air during photosynthesis.

Lady palm (Rhapis humilis)


Lady palm is a houseplant with an excellent air purifier. They can grow well in indoor conditions. It favors growing in a dry or humid climate.

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