7 Indoor Vine Plants For Giving Your Home A Jungle Vibe

Homiful.com -- Bringing plants into the home can provide a cool jungle vibe. There are numerous plants that can be grown at home. Indoor vine plants are one of them. The vines look lovely hanging on the house's walls. As a result, the house feels increasingly fresh.
We've gathered 7 indoor vining plants for giving your home a jungle vibe, especially for you! Check it out!

1.  Pothos plant


Pothos is one of the best types of vines that you can at home. They are easy to grow and suitable for novice gardeners.

You can grow pothos plants in any form. Like framing a window. The room also feels cool, like in the jungle.

2. Arrowhead plants


The Arrowhead plant has the Botanical name Syngonium podophyllum. The plant has fairly large, undersized leaves.
Their leaves grow well and are bushy.
They do not have special care and can grow indoors or outdoors.

3. Ficus Pumila


Another vine is Ficus pumila or known by another name Creeping fig. They have characteristic tiny creeping leaves that thrive.
Creeping fig is fast to grow. Suitable for holding on a beautiful pot or basket.

4. Hoya cornosa


Another plant with creeping leaves that you can shape according to taste is Hoya cornosa. They are very suitable to be used as any stylish home decor.
Hoya cornosa also has adorable pink flowers.

5. Philodendron heart leaf


As the name implies, these fresh vines have a leaf shape similar to a heart. Philodendron heart leaf is easy to grow indoors.
The refreshing green leaf color can make the atmosphere of the house like a peaceful forest.

6. Spider plant


If you are looking for the best indoor plants, Spider plants are definitely on the list. The plant has elongated leaves. Spider plants can grow well in any room condition.
You can grow them on unique hanging pots as a decoration of the room.

7. String of pearls


The string of pearls belongs to the family of Succulents. They have leaves with pearl-like shapes pearls. The plant is easy to grow and easy to propagate
Put a string o pearl near the window for healthy and lush growth.

Those are 7 indoor vine plants for giving your home a jungle vibe. Which is your favorite?

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