ZZ Plant | 6 Reasons Why You Need A ZZ Plant in Your Home and Office

 Homiful.com - ZZ plant is a popular houseplant that Instagrammable and perfect to decorate your home or office. Has botanical name Zamioculcas zamiifolia, they can bring your room look elegant with their glossy leaves. 

Besides their gorgeous looks, they also give you more benefit. And you can look here about the Reasons Why You Need A ZZ Plant in Your Home and Office.

Air Purifying


The first benefit that you must know, ZZ plants can make good air quality at your home and office. Studies showed that Zamioculcas zamiifolia effective to remove volatile organic compounds such benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, and xylene.

Low Maintenance


Mostly known, ZZ plants easy to care and perfect for beginner. They can tolerate with dry soil, low light conditions, And don't require excessive pruning. Slow to grow, ZZ plants don't need to be reported too often. And also they don't need a lot of fertilize to thrive.

Low Light


This houseplant can thrive in extreme bright areas and performs unbelievably well in rooms without natural light. Provided that fluorescent lighting is the main source of artificial light. 

When this houseplant great growing in bright area, they don't tolerate at direct light. Direct light can make the leaves yellow and curl up.

Drought Resistant & Low Water Consumption


ZZ plant can thrive in dry condition. They evolved to tolerate drought. Because they're great to holding the moisture in their thick rhizomes and leaves. Watering this houseplant once the soil has dried out. It's better than over watering ZZ plants that can make rot roots.

Easy Propagation


Many ways to propagate ZZ plant. You can propagate them with the simplest way, like through division concept. Divide the rhizomes when you're repotting ZZ plant. And then, replant them in a new pot. 

Other way, you also can propagate with taking stem cuttings. This way, need to take 6 to 9 months, but isn't difficult.

High Sheen


This stunning houseplant sometime makes it look like fake for other people. The waxy leaves of ZZ plants is pretty, especially when new stems open up to reveal fresh bright green leaves.

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