These Six Purple Houseplant are Fascinating

These Six Purple Houseplant are Fascinating -- Learn about the following house plants with dominant purple leaves that can create a dramatic impression in the room. The types can be found in the following reviews:


Peperomia 'Picolo Banda'


This is so cute and excited for houseplant at every room. Is a eye-catching cousin of the of watermelon peperomia plant. It features plump, grey-green leaves with red to purple black bands and veins. They bloom with a buttery yellow flowers resembling mouse tails and extremely easy to maintain and eye catching house plant.

Begonia Rex Wallet


This is one of the most well-known species. Begonia rex has true purple leaves that range in color from pink to green to purple to dark red. This plant has velvet-like leaves that are medium in size. Maintenance is simple and adaptable to changing conditions.

Euphorbia Trigona 'Rubra'

The African milk tree aka Euphorbia Trigona 'Rubra' resembles a cactus, but is actually a succulent plant native to Africa. He has thick stalks with spines and cactus-like arms which grow rapidly with the right TLC. Super easy to maintain, just pop him in a bright spot, rotate regularly for even growth, and water once the sil has dried out.

Oxalis Triangularis


It has three purple heart shaped leaves and they are photophilic. The leaves of Oxalis move in response to light, opening during the day and closing at night or in low levels of light. This can be grown successfully either as a house plant or garden landscape.

Hoya Royal Hawaiian Purple


This type of hoya ornamental plant is very appealing. The dominant purple color will create a dramatic effect in the room. The dark green leaves of this purple flower. At maturity, it can grow to be about 4 -8 inches tall with easy spread and requires moderate lighting and water to promote growth. 


For years, the following house plants with dominant purple foliage have been popular choices for hanging baskets at home. With purple foliage, green and slightly silvery stripes, this eye-catching pattern has a slight waxy coating and is velvety with fine hairs visible at close range.

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