7 Amazing Flower Garden Ideas for the Room's Windowsill

7 Amazing Flower Garden Ideas for the Room's Windowsill

Homiful.com -- A flower garden is best started on the windowsill. Because it receives sufficient sunlight and allows plants to circulate freely. Ornamental plants will thrive in a good location with a variety of plants. The following are some inspiring ideas from 7 Amazing Flowers Garden Ideas for the Room's Windowsill:

On the windowsill, there is a bonsai plant


It's never a bad idea to arrange houseplants around a window sill like this. Even bonsai plants that receive moderately intense sunlight and partial light thrive when properly watered.

Propagate lucky bamboo in a glass bottle


The best idea is to multiply ornamental plants and place them on the windowsill. The light received is not very bright, but it has a significant impact on the method of propagation with glass filled water. You can use lucky bamboo, but make sure to include a barrier so it doesn't fall easily.

Combine with herbs


Perfect the ideas of a window sill in a house with no borders like this one. Cut the decoration flowers from the bouquet and place them in a glass filled with water, along with herbs  suitable for cooking mixtures.

Beautiful pink flower pot by the window


Nothing can deter home garden decorators. Pink flowers, such as African violet, rosemary, and hanging petunias, look great on an outdoor window sill like this.

Nepenthes and pilea


This is an excellent time to place pilea and pitchen bags on a window sill that receives partial sunlight. It only takes a few minutes to place this plant on the windowsill so that it does not wither or die.

Cactus plant for the window sill


You  can place various types of cacti around your windowsill with proper indirect light throughout the day, which is ideal for cactus lovers. Showcase his favorite types of cactus alongside a variety of other eye-catching colors.

Pots for recycling


Ideas for reusing used items around the house as window sill pots. Instead of throwing it away, repurpose unused vegetables by growing them in recycled glass pots or used food cans.

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