7 Container Garden Combos

Homiful.com -- Create a container garden with plants that grow beautifully and well together. This is a simple and enjoyable way to spruce up your outdoor space. Get a container garden combo that can even server as a focal point. Bringing the garden's and outdoor space atmosphere to be more lively and colorful. 

Here are 7 container garden combos ideas for you.

1. Go contrast with 2 color scheme


If you like a fresh green look with vibrant bright color splashes, try this combination of the intense contrast of the green papyrus and 'Teracotta' coleus. Papyrus plants grow well with coleus in moist and fertile soil condition. They can make an eye-catching container garden combo.

2. Create a harmonious look

Costa Farms

There are times when you really need something thematic among the colorful gardens. Deep and dark colors will add 'richness' to any garden container. Fill the containers with beautiful and eye catching plants, such as a ti plant (cordyline) to add dramatic statement, a burgundy petunia to enhance the look, and white euphorbia to add softness. This kind of container garden combos grow well even in the afternoon shade.

3. Use indoor plant

Barbara Peele

Get creative with your indoor plants. You can make it a pretty container garden as a side table decoration. It's a good idea to combine Caladium White Queen with Begonia. Little pink flowers adorn the green and white leaves around it. Caladium with a unique pink stripe will work as eye-catching focal point in this container garden combo.

4. One type of plant, many colors

Christy S

Your worries may be eased by using a single variety of plant in a single container. One plant will not be a nuisance to others. It can grow well together. It's so pretty to have a container garden petunia but with a lot more color. The purple, red, and yellow flowers in this petunia container will brighten up your space.

5. Create a fum and exotic look

Peter Krumhardt

More plants can be grown in a single container. This is a fantastic way to save space. Create a fun and exotic container garden to express your creativity. Go fun with these combo plants;

a. Perilla magilla : 1

b. Petunia 'Supertunia Royal Velvet' : 2

c Osteospremum 'Lemon Symphony' : 2

6. Give a tropical twist

Carolyn's Shade Gardens

Container garden combos don't always have to be about colorful flowers. You can even create one with a stunning green tropical vibe. Go with a combination of lush green ferns and hostas. This will green up even tough brick corners.

7. Sun-loving container garden

Southern Living

It's more innovative to have a container that can be placed in a full-sun garden. Opt for dracaena plants, succulents, and other types of sun-loving plants. Container garden like this one can withstand direct sunlight and heat.

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