BEST Indoor Plants That Grow In Water, Tried and True - Indoor plant that grow in water, different with water plants or aquatic plants. Indoor plants grow in water are the houseplant that usually in nature grow in soil media. But they also can grow with water media and put them at indoor or outdoor. 

We have some 7 Best Indoor Plants That Grow In Water, that you can try at home. Let's see!



Pothos is popular houseplant that mostly have at home. Growing Pothos in water media work just as well as growing in soil media. They can grow well as long as gets water and nutrients. 

You can grow this Pothos in transparent glass or jar that can bring beautiful look. Then, you can put them on tabletop or hanging at windowsill for simple and save more space.



Monstera can grow well even you plant them at water or soil media. In water media, Monstera not only grow their roots, they also can grow new leaves. You can put them at the place with bright, indirect light for well thriving. 

Prayer Plant (Maranta leuconeura fascinator tricolor)


To be known, Prayer plant can grow in water media, but they can't suit in aquatic environments. This houseplant need moist and well draining to thrive. And they will produce new roots and foliage in water media, but in long term will suffer if you kept them in water.

Ceropegia woodii (String of Hearts)


Has dainty visual, String of Hearts or Rosary vine, easy to grow in water media. With a transparent jar or container, you can see how far along the rooting process from this houseplant

After put the plant pieces in jar, you need patience, good light, and warm location. Then, the roots appear after anywhere between a few days or a few weeks, depend on light and temperature factors.

Hoya Lacunosa


Native to Eastern Asia and Australia, Hoya plant or Wax plant can grow in water media. Best as houseplant or indoor plant it because they are non-toxic, safe for your kids and pets. 

You can propagate this houseplant with put the stems that you cut at transparent vase or jar. Put them in bright light condition to thrive.

Pencil Cactus (Euphorbia tiraculli)


Spunky looks make this houseplant look attractive and perfect for indoor plant. Not the same as the name, pencil cactus is not cactus anymore, they include shrub or small tree with succulent stems. 

You can grow this plant in water, but they slower compared to others to form roots. Keep them in bright, direct light and not in full sun. 

But wait, if you're growing pencil cactus in a soil pot, you can put them in full sun to thrive. At water can't do this. 

In full sun, as the glass container in the sun will work as a magnifying lens and heat the water excessively.

Pilea Peperomioidies (Chinese Money Plant)


Commonly call with Chinese money plant, they can grow in water media. You can start propagate in water media with cut a pup from the mother plant. Place it in water for a few weeks until notice the time to change to a bigger container. Keep them in bright, indirect light.

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