Grow Sansevieria Cylindrica - How to Grow Sansevieria Starfish

Grow Sansevieria Cylindrica - How to Grow Sansevieria Starfish -- Sansevieria commonly known as mother-in-tongue law's is an ornamental plant that is difficult to kill. There are many types, so the choice for a favorite ornamental plant for the family. One type is sansevieria starfish or cylindrica with prominent leaf shape with beautiful motifs. This stiff and vertically growing leaf texture must be one of the collections in your room. Learn about Sansevieria starfish below:

About sansevieria


This evergreen perennial from Angola has light green, thick leaves with white stripes and will fan out as they grow. Plants up to 12 inches tall grow fat and short. This sansevieria starfish will also grow.


Sansevieria starfish propagation


Rhizomes or small saplings are found on starfish snake plants. The most basic planting methods is to remove one of the parent plants and place it in a new container. This plant is very easy to propagate; you can also cut the leaves from the base.


Allow to dry before planting in well-drained soil. Water on a regular basis and keep in bright but indirect light.

Sansevieria starfish needs to grow



After propagation, place this plant in a location that receives consistent sunlight. Avoid direct sun exposure to avoid burning or drying.



Watering starfish sansevieria should be done 1 - 2 times per week. Because they dislike being watered too frequently, and overwatering can cause plant roots to rot and wilt to death.



Use fertilizer to make sansevieria fertile if you want to grow this plant well and encourage rapid growth. Fertilizer can be applied for 1 - 2 months to allow for nutrient absorption.



The right soil for starfish sansevieria can be made from husks, sand, garden soil, coco peat, and a combination of other organic materials.

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