Caladium Names & Picture for Seven Interesting Varieties

Caladium Names & Picture for Seven Interesting Varieties -- Caladium flower has many different varieties and can be the best plant for gardeners. Red, white, green, pink, silver, and other colored leaves are popular in a variety of cuisines. If you're thinking about getting one, check out the seven most interesting lists in the following review:

Caladium Pink Cloud


This pink cloud caladium can grow in hot weather and prefers humidity. This tropical plant with its distinctive leaves, heart shape, and vibrant colors will complement any room in the house. Can reach a height of 12 to 24 inches. This caladium has the most eye-catching color leaves, with pink, white, and green accents on the edges.

Caladium Fiesta


Caladium fiesta is  a broad, red-veined leaf with a bright white background. Plants that sprout early are full and stunted. Very suitable for a hanging basket in the sun or a shady location.

Caladium Lindenii


The following is caladium lindenii magnificum, which is distinct from other shapes and colors. The color of this dark green leaf with white and elongated veins is very appealing asa room corner decoration. With partial shade lighting, this compact plant for light or dark rooms will create the illusion of drama. Can grow to about 25 cm in height and includes a superior plant for you to have.

Caladium Hilo Beauty


This tropical plant is native to the forest of Central and South America and can grow up to 35 cm in a pot. This normally dormant plant will bloom all year. Place in a location with enough indirect sunlight, a room temperature of at least 15 degrees, and water every two weeks during the summer.

Caladium Lay Thai


The caladium lay thay, heart-shaped leaves on a white background with red veins and very beautiful to give a dramatic impression to the room, is  a truly extraordinary charm. Provide proper care, with partial light to maintain leaf color and timely watering.

Caladium Red Ruffles


This one is very attractive, with vibrant red foliage and dark green margins. These caladium red ruffles look great in pots or as borders in a shady bed area. Because it is sun-tolerant, it can be placed almost anywhere. The mature height is about 12 - 18 cm, and it blooms all summer until frost.

Caladium Florida 


Caladium, known for its distinctive patterns and vibrant colors, can be found in the Amazon river valley. With a green color with a white polka-dot motif, red, and a little silver, this one looks very tropical for the home page.

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