When And How To Repot A Spider Plant (Essential Tips)

 Homiful.comChlorophytum comosum or commonly call spider plant is beloved houseplant that perfect to place at indoor area. Besides easy to care, this plant grow fast. 

So, you need repotting that can make the plant keep stunning and pretty looks. You can check about When And How To Repot A Spider Plant to make you easy to care this houseplant.

Why are we doing repotting for Spider Plant?


Repotting is important that can keep your houseplants have beautiful look and grow well. And you can see here why spider plant need repotting:

  1. Spider plants have outgrown their container
  2. Growing in an improper soil mix
  3. Spider plants have developed disease issues

Best times of year for repotting Spider Plant


You know what? You can do repotting for spider plant in the spring. It because this season is the best time of plant to growing well. Other way, you can also repot the spider plant during the beginning or middle of summer. 

But, if you have issues with root rot, get ASAP to repot this houseplant, even it's fall or winter.

Best soil mix for repotting


This houseplant prefers to grow with well draining soil mix that can hold the moisture. You can mix the soil with a pH between 6.0 and 7.0. Other way, you can make own soil mix with these combines:

  • 3 parts peat moss or coco coir
  • 1 part pine bark fines
  • 1 part perlite
  • 1 part finished compost

Tools, size, and types of repotting


Here are the tools that you need repotting spider plant:

  • container in a few inches larger than the original
  • well draining potting mix
  • towel or tarp to contain any messes
  • sharp and sanitized a pair of shears or scissors
  • gloves
Why do you need the container larger than the original? If small size, you'll need to repot again in a few months. And for too large container, the soil will stay wet too long, and it can make root rot. 
To know, spider plant can grow well in ceramic, terracotta, and plastic planters. But, ensure your container has drainage holes that can allow excess water to escape.

How often do repotting?


Repotting the plant can be irregular. It can vary depending on a variety of factors to repotting. Commonly, repotting spider plant can do in one to two years. For fast-growing plants, it will need to repotted more often than slowly growing plants.

How to repot Spider Plant?

  1. Prepare the place for repotting spider plants, like spread out a tarp or towel to contain any messes. But, you also can complete the repotting process at outside.
  2. Collect the plant, new container, and new soil mix.
  3. Remove the spider plant from the current container. If it's rootbound, you may need to gently wiggle it back and forth to free it from the pot.
  4. Gently brush excess potting, when the plant out from the container
  5. Get inspect roots for the signs of disease. You can trim the disease off using the shears or scissors if any spot mushy or discolored roots.
  6. Begin to fill the new container with an inch or so of fresh potting soil
  7. Then, place the spider plant into the new container with new soil mix
  8. Fill empty spaces with more potting soil. When you finish, the base of spider plant's leaves should be even with the top of the soil.

Post repotting care

Don't worry if your spider plant look a bit stressed after repotting. It's normal! You can fix wilting or drooping leaves with practice of patience. Put the spider plant in a warm spot with bright, indirect light. 
Watering the spider plant when the top few inches of soil is dry. If a few weeks after repotting your plant unhealthy, get time to ensure using wee draining soil mix and growing in an appropriate temperature zone.

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