Seven of the Best Dorm Ornamental Plants

Seven of the Best Dorm Ornamental Plants -- Ornamental plants can be used to change the look and add beauty to a dorm room. The plant is also known to promote feelings of calm and to help reduce stress. You can choose plants that are easy to care for and suitable for your dorm room.

ZZ Plant


Plants that grow well in low light conditions are known as ZZ plants. This plants i ideal for dimly lit form rooms and requires very little watering because its underground rhizomes store water and nutrients. It grows to about 2 - 3 feet tall and must be repotted for a long time.

Snake plant


The snake plant is ideal for your dorm room because it promotes relaxation and acts as a natural air purifier. This plant fits nicely around a window sill or in a room corner and tolerates low light well.

Lucky bamboo


This lucky bamboo plants is a low-maintenance plant that cannot be destroyed. This plant can be used as a room decoration and is said to bring good luck. To prevent algae growth, plant in a jar filler with water and change the water once a week.



Succulent are an excellent choice for a dorm plant because of their attractive appearance and small size. This ideal plant for a tabletop or window sill requires full sun to thrive. This plant dislike watering too frequently because it can cause root rot.



Bromeliads are another low-maintenance houseplant. This plant has amazing color and texture, anda it will bloom and have fantastic leaves.

Pachira aquatica

The money tree is an excellent choice for dorm room decoration. This plant, which can grow 6 to 8 feet indoors, is usually braided for added appeal. Waterlogging is a risk, so only water when the soil is dry.



The hoya plant is net, which has aromatic flowers and waxy leaf plants. This easy-to-grow, light-loving plant can withstand neglect. Tolerates bright but indirect light as well as nearly dry water.

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