7 Easy Houseplants That Are As Pretty As They Are Though

Homiful.com -- There is no doubt that plants can be a living decoration in your home. They provide a fresh atmosphere and pleasant visual freshness. Whatever type of houseplants you cam make as decorations, but you should have at least one of the 7 easy houseplants that are as pretty as they are though, below.


1. Hoya 'Mathilde'


Has the hoya plant been added to your list of houseplants? Don's miss this beautiful plant. 

Hoya is an easy care houseplant. One of the best varieties is the Hoya Mathilde, which has waxy foliage and grow vines. This plant look great in regular pots or as a hanging plant. Put it on indirect bright sunlight for it to produce flowers with a lovely scent.

2. Medinilla Magnifica Bella


Have you ever seen this stunning plant? It is called as medinilla magnifica bella plant. A tropical broadleaf evergreen that native to Philippines. Others may know it as a rose grape or the pink lantern plant. It has dropping flowers from pink to coral red.

They don't need to water too often, but be sure to keep the soil moist. This lovely plant love prefer bright light and shaded from the sun. 

3. Christia Obcordata


Christia Obcordata is a flowering plant with triangular-shaped foliage with green and burgundy stripes. At first glance these plants are similar to butterflies, so they are also known as butterfly plant. Water the plant twice weekly to keep the soil moist. The butterfly plant prefer in bright, indirect sunlight.

4. Pilea Cadierei


Cadieria is a small green perennial plant that grows up to 60 cm tall. You might know it as an aluminum plant because of its green leaves with aluminum splash on them. This plant prefers medium to bright light, great for windowsill plants. They also grow well at average room humidity.

5. Ficus elastica 'Black Prince'


Rubber plant 'Black Prince' will add drama to your room. Thanks to the glossy dark green foliage that almost looks like black leaves. This plant will be a nice contrast and easily catch the attention. Keep it the moist soil. Wipe the leaves if they get dusty to keep them happy.

6. Stephania plant


The Stephania erect plant will be an amazing decorative thing in your home. This plant has oval leaves with white lines that make it so exotic. You can plant half of the plant in the soil, and leave the caudex on display. The caudex will produce vines as beautiful as this.

7. Caladium Dark Choco


Caladiums are on the list of easy-care plants, as long as they are kept out of direct sunlight, and away from dry temperatures and winds. This plant comes in a wide range of distinct varieties. Caladium dark choco with heat-shaped leaves in a dark reddish brown color, is one of them.



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