Growing Coleus Indoor As Houseplant -- Coleus is known as a beautiful yard plant with beautiful leaves of various colors and patterns. However, have you thought about growing it indoors? You can make it happen with good care. Some things you should know, check on Growing Coleus Indoor As Houseplant.

How to plant


Coleus is a very simple plant to cultivate. It can be grown from seed or cuttings. When you want to plant it by cuttings, take 2 inches from a healthy adult plant and plant it in the empty pot you've provided.



When growing coleus indoors, pay attention to its placement to keep it growing well. Coleus loves bright sunlight. Place it on a windowsill that has brighter light in the morning and more shaded light in the afternoon.



You also need to pay close attention to watering this plant. Don't water it too often. Allow the soil surface to dry completely for the next watering. Use a pot that is able to dispose of water well so as not to pool and damage the roots of the coleus.




When should you repot the coleus? Move the coleus to a new pot when it develops root rot, which can be caused by unhealthy soil or a pot that is too small. This coleus can grow large quickly, so provide a larger pot to keep them comfortable.

Great decoration


Besides being planted in a garden or planter box, coleus is also very attractive if used as a houseplant because of the beauty of its leaves. Many people grow it to a large size and place it in the corner of the room to spread the beauty. You can have it according to the variety you like.




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