Seven Indoor Plants with Enormous and Eye-catching Leaves

Seven Indoor Plants with Enormous and Eye-catching Leaves -- You can improve the appearance of the room by using certain types of plants to make it look fresher. If you want to create a tropical effect, large-leaved ornamental plants are the way to go. They will transform the space into a coveted forest. 

Choose some of the plants from the seven list below:



Dieffenbachia is a plant that grows both indoors and outdoors. This plant, which can grow up to 10 feet tall, has a broad and eye-catching leaf shape. Ideal for beginners who can get away with ignoring.

Banana tree


A banana plant, also known as Musa, will provide a natural tropical effect in your room. Thanks to its yellow-green leaves with a mermaid shape and tall stems, a plant that is very easy to care for and a perfect decoration for any room.

Alocasia Amazonica


Alocasia is a plant with large leaves, shiny colors, and a dramatic appearance in the room. Plants that thrive in a room that is kept out of direct sunlight because it can cause a burning effect. Moist soil conditions and a pot with good drainage are preferred.



Elephant ear plants will make the room fell more tropical and forest-like. Its large arrowhead-shaped leaves have a few variations in shape and color. It is mostly blue and green, grows tall, and is easy to care for.



Caladium large-leaved plants add a pretty pot of color to any room in the house. This vibrant plants adds a splash of color to any space. keep an eye on humidity and temperature stability, and keep it away from windows and air conditioners in the house. 

Calathea Orbifolia


There are numerous varieties of this native Brazilian plant. Calathea orbifolia, for example, has a lovely motif of pale green and white stripes. Because its leaves rise and fall with the sun, this plant is commonly referred to as a prayer plant.

Birds of paradise


Some mistake this plant for a banana tree. However, it is a bird of paradise plant that thrives in either direct or indirect light. A tropical plant with orange flowers and large green leaves that can grow to a height of about 7 feet.

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