The Best Tiny Houseplant, 7 Adorable Little Ones


The Best Tiny Houseplant, 7 Adorable Little Ones -- Here are 7 very cute mini indoor plants you can use to spruce up your desk or workspace at home. If a room can feel more tropical with the presence of large leafy plants, consider the following mini indoor plants for smaller areas in your home:



From small to large sizes, cacti are a very popular ornamental plant. This particular variety is excellent if you put it one the west-facing windowsill to receive bright light and receive regular watering.

Crassula Ovata "Gollum"


Crassula ovata gollum is a fascinating group of jade plants with this distinctive shape. The leaf that sticks out like a finger has a shape that resembles a tube with a red tip. Has winter flowers that bloom in pink and white.

Haworthia/Zebra plant


This particular succulent, also known as a zebra plant, has leaves that resemble snake plants but are thicker and more fleshy. The white striped pattern looks very compact and endearing when combines with the dark green leaves.

Peperomia Greyhound


This attractive foliage is from a species of green succulent that is  a tiny bit grayish-green in color. The surface of the leaf is darker when it is textured and veined. This  plant grows relatively quickly and bears long, unnoticeable, white-green flowers that are small in size.



This variety differs from zebra plants, which appear fuller in miniature pots. The home's guest table is decorated with lush, fleshy leaves that have a fresh appearance. This also includes succulents species that are simple to multiply.

Snake plant


Sansevieria trifasciata is the scientific name for dwarf snake plants. For the best display, combine the ideal plant for this table with a clay pot. When used as a decoration in the office to boost productivity, the spear-shaped leaf with green and yellow edges is very attractive.



This ornamental plant, also known as an arrowhead plant, has a variety of interesting types and grows on vines. Syngonium has lance-shaped, green and white leaves that are ideal for a home office desk. Grows well and prefers partial light; basic maintenance is not difficult and is more prone to neglect.

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