Top 7 Hard To Kill Indoor Plants -- Growing plants as a hobby is gaining popularity and experiencing a significant increase. Plants in he home serve the dual purpose of adding beauty nd cooling the environment.
However, as a novice gardener or someone who is busy, you will have difficulty growing plants,
You should try to grow ornamental plants that are easy to grow and difficult to kill. Are you wondering what those plants are?
Here are our recommendations for the the top 7 hard to kill indoor plants!

1. Spider plant


Spider plant belongs to the ranks of plants that are difficult to kill. They are one of those plants that are easy to grow, even in water.

The appearance of leaves with refreshing green shades is suitable for improving the interior of the room.

2. Zebra plant


As the name implies, the second indoor plant has a leaf pattern similar to that of a zebra. They are known by the name of Zebra haworthia.
The plant belongs to the Succulent family that is easy to grow. The petite zebra plant is suitable for use as a table sweetner.

3. Peace lily


Peace lily is an indoor plant that is often used as decoration. Because Peace lily offers the beauty of white flowers.

They can grow well and survive in low light.

4. Echeveria


Succulents have a distinctive feature of varied forms. The shape is small and eye-catching, suitable for use as a living room decoration.
Echeveria offers the beauty of leaves similar to flowers that are blooming that look stunning.

5. Golden pothos


Another difficult plant to kill is the Golden pothos. This indoor plant can live in any conditions. The green color of their leaves offers freshness in the room.
Not only that Golden pothos can purify the air well.

6. Snake plant


Snake plant is the plant that is most owned by many plant lovers. Because they are the best air purifying plants that can clean the toxins in the room.
Sansevieria has many varieties, and all of them look charming.

7. String of pearls


If you are looing for a charming hanging plant, you can choose the famous string of pearls. This plat looks stunning hanging near the window replacing the curtains of the room.

String of pearls is easy to grow, and does not require much care.

Those are the top 7 hard to kill indoor plants. Which is your favorite plant?

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