7 Houseplants are Inexpensive and Simple to Obtain. Even for Free!


7 Houseplants are Inexpensive and Simple to Obtain. Even for Free!

Homiful.com -- Ornamental plants, which are frequently used as a gardener's collection, are sometimes in high demand by beginners for free because the price is so low. However, if you already have a lot of ornamental plants at home and want to share them with your neighbor for free, this is not a problem. Even if this is your first time adding to your collection of ornamental plants, some of them are inexpensive. Choose from the following 7 low-cost and easy-to-find plants.



Pothos that were initially inexpensive may have spread too far in your home as an ornamental plant collection. Pruning and distributing plants to relatives or neighbors can help you reduce the number of plants you have. Nonetheless, this plant is still a favorite because of its benefits as a natural air purifier.



This type of anthurium which is popular among plant enthusiast, has lovely leaf shape and brightly colored bracts. The contrasting green leaves that can be found in this theme house or neighbor may be free. Simply request offsets or child plants that grow nearby the mother plant.



Other type of vines that can be obtained form neighbors or through this theme are easily available. Simply ask for the stems of olde plants, and you can easily multiply them at home.

Planting can be accomplished in two ways; stem cuttings and then planting into the ground, or water propagation, which allows for more visible root growth.

Aloe vera


With so many  benefits, aloe vera is easily accessible without the need to visit a plant store. You can have this plant for free if you request that the offset that has grown be moved to a new pot. If fertile, this plant can fill a single pot and may require repotting throughout the year.

Pilea Peperomioides


This pilea peperomioides grows well in pots filled with soil and can fill the interior of a room with luck by producing new plants on its own. It is simple to obtain it from a friend who already has a baby at the bottom of the pot, remove it from the pot, and transfer it to a new pot.



Dieffenbachia is a tropical plant with variegated foliage that can grow to be quite large. Plants that can grow from stem cuttings can be cut into 4 - 6 inch lengths and dipped in root hormone before planting in soil-filled pots.

Snake plant


It's no secret that this plant is simple to grow and relatively inexpensive. This plant can be obtained by  asking a friend who has removed puppies from adult plants. With just one plant, you can spread it to many pots to become a garden plant, especially for fences.

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