7 Ways to Fit More Plants Into Your Home While Saving Space

7 Ways to Fit More Plants Into Your Home While Saving Space

Homiful.com -- Nothing is too much when it comes to incorporating plants into a room. There is a lack of organization, which makes the space appear claustrophobic. Despite the fact that you can neatly organize and package them using various plant media and shelves for perfect display of all collections of ornamental plants. Below are 7 clever ideas for saving space by greening display shelves and the like:

On the house's balcony, there is a display shelf


Standing shelves like this save a lot of space in the house for all kinds of plants. You can easily find shelves like this in offline of online stores with appealing and distinctive designs. Fill this standing shelf with a collection of ornamental plants that are kept clean by using a tiny white planter.

The advantages of a room window sill


With limited space to  exposed all of the plants at home, use the windowsill at home, including around the kitchen, this time. Add a well-organized plant rack that can hold a large number of plants in a neatly displayed arrangement. It also allows the plant to receive indirect sunlight, which is ideal for consistent growth.

Apply directly to the wall surface


If you want to really arrange plants vertically, this idea for arranging ornamental plants along the walls of the room will be interesting. Use a sturdy planter, such as reclaimed wood panels or iron, which is typically used to exposed ornamental plants.

Repurpose wooden shelving


Using ornamental plants, you can transform every corner of a room that has been left unadorned for a long time. Pack it beautifully with a zigzag- patterned wooden shelf like this one. To liven up a drab corner, choose a plant with beautiful leaves and a distinctive motif.

Metal shelves that are ideal for the room


Using ornamental plants in semi-formal or core spaces such as office and living room does not seem strange at the moment. You can be creative in your selection of iron plant racks, such as this tall and shaped cage. Use only one type of plant to create a tropical ambiance in the room.

Plants can be used as wall dividers


You can be more creative by decorating your home with ornamental plants. Trailing ornamental plants, in addition to being useful for visual decoration, can provide a limiting effect when placed between two different spaces.

Make use of every cabinet in the room


The cabinet left in the room will be interesting not only as a display of books, but also as a display of ornamental plants. This will create a small forest atmosphere at home with a refreshing tropical effect, as well as green house that improve the room's appearance.

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