7 Amazing Uses and Benefits of Pilea Peperomioides Plants

Homiful.com -- Having plants is not only about how it looks, but you also need to pay attention to the benefits that you will get from these plants. Especially for those of you who are beginners, having the right plants will make you start to like gardening activities. One of the plants that you will love is pilea peperomioides. For some of the benefits that you will get, check out 7 Amazing Uses and Benefits of Pilea Pepperomioides Plants.


Easy maintenance


Of course, having plants that are simple to care for is preferable because there is less to worry about. It is also present on this plant.

Placing it in the house is preferable because it receives humidity and indirect bright light. Plant them in pots with good water absorption and do not allow them to soak. 


Air purifier plant


Plants are known to be air purifiers, producing a fresh, diffused air. However, not all plants are effective air purifiers in the home. You can use these pilea to make a good air filter, and you will have clean air to breathe indoors. 

Easy to propagate


Propagation has become a cheaper alternative to purchasing new plants for many people. Not all plants propagate easily, but you don't have to worry about this plant's propagation because it is very simple. It can be propagate in water or planted directly in soil.

Separate the new babies that appear around the mother plant and plant them in different pots. 


 Low watering



If you have a busy schedule, taking care of the plants will certainly make it more difficult. You don't have to water this plant every day, so don't be concerned. 

After a few inches of soil has dried, water them. Too much water will cause root and stem rot.


Use in feng shui


This plant, also known as the Chinese money plant, is popular in feng shui practices because it is thought to bring good luck when placed in the home.

More specifically, this plant is thought to attract energy that brings wealth and prosperity. 

Allergy reliever

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Plants' ability to increase humidity and clean the air effectively is also thought to reduce allergies. Indoor plants, including this one, have been shown in studies to reduce pollutants and the number of microbes.

It has many advantages when used as a simple but refreshing room decoration.

Beautiful decoration


This plant will be very attractive as a room decoration that you will enjoy. With a touch of this plant, any home style will look instantly fresh and stay neat.

Not only can it be placed in a corner of the room, but it can also be placed in several rooms that do not require a lot of space. The round shape of the leaves is the main feature of this lovely plant.

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