The Seven Most Popular Houseplant in 2022, According to Plant Profesionals


The Seven Most Popular Houseplant in 2022, According to Plant Professionals -- Plants have become an important part of life for everyone, especially those who enjoy gardening. From seedling, growth, and care to plant disease, it has become an important part to understand. In 2022, we will summarize what types of plants are popular among plant enthusiast and are in high demand.

Alocasia Black Velvet


Whatever type of alocasia you choose, this year is the best year for alocasia due to its unique leaf display, which is striking with a silvery hue. This popular black velvet variety prefers well-drained soil, moist watering, and indirect lighting.

Anthurium Superbum


The large, wrinkled, shiny, and iron-coated leaves of this plant, known as bird's nest anthurium, are stunning. Also know as superbum, which means a slow growing and endangered species in its natural habitat.This plant requires indirect light, dry soil, and water that is moist but not wet at temperatures ranging from 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Begonia Maculata


Begonia maculata is a Brazilian plant with stick like stems and long emerald green leaves with spots on the leaves as a whole. This plant appears to be very attractive for decorating a room that thrives on humidity and require care to maintain. Prefers direct sunlight, well-drained potting soil, and watering only when the soil is completely dry. 

Hoya Kerii


This Thai native plant grows beautifully with this vine that has a heart shape and is commonly known as Hoya Kerii. This plant is an excellent choice because it is low-maintenance and prefers to dry put between waterings. Bright but indirect lighting, well-drained soil, and watering only when the soil is dry are all part of the treatment. 

Philodendron Branditanum


Philodendron plants are the most common, with numerous varieties. Maintenance is also very simple for beginners. Philo brandy is the name given to this plant. Plant with olive green striped leaves on silver heart-shaped leaves that are almost multicolored. This plant can be grown in a hanging basket or an a moist surface with a flowing pot. Place in a sunny location with well drained soil and moderate moisture.

Homalomena Hybrida


If you want a plant with large leaves, yellow color, and decorated leaves, this homalomena is very attractive and suitable to have because it is an easy to care for indoor plant. It comes from the humid rain forest of Southeast Asia and requires almost the same care as other plants that require light and humidity.

Ficus Audrey


The ficus audrey is a lush and lovely plant to look at. This plant is sacred in India and is also known as fiddle-leaf fig. This plant has oval leaves with prominent yellow veins. With proper care, this plant is quite tolerant of lighting, moderate watering, and temperature.

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