How to Grow and Care for a String of Turtles Easily

How to Grow and Care for a String of Turtles Easily -- String of turtle is a well known type of small succulent plant native to the Brazilian rain forest that thrives in warm climates and is easily adaptable to average conditions. Aside from being a popular plant, this plant has a distinctive leaf shape and motifs resembling the back of a turtle.

For a small space, a hanging basket or terrarium can be used to hang plants. Known how to easily care for and grow this plant.



This tortoise plant care series it prefers shade or partial light and dislikes direct sunlight. When exposed to direct sunlight, the leaves of this plant may be damaged and fail. Provide all plants with all-around light in order to promote new growth.



Succulents can grow in mixed soil that has been specially formulated for succulents and cacti. A soil mixture rich in peat, organic matter, and acidic peat should be used in a series of treatments for turtles plants. Make sure the pH isn't too low and that the soil drains well.



This plant prefers soil that is slightly moist. As a result, it is critical to use drainage holes, water thoroughly, and allow the soil to dry out. Excessive  watering can rot plants roots.

Temperature and relative humidity


To tortoise plant family prefers cooler, more humid temperatures than most succulents, which prefer warmer temperatures. Temperatures for this plant are typically between 68 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid putting it in a windy window. During the winter, bring the plant into a dry room or turn on the heater.

 Fertilizer and pruning


Pruning this string of turtle range on a regular basis can improve its appearance. Remove dead stems and leaves on a regular basis to encourage new, stronger growth.


Fertilization is also necessary for this plant to maintain the color of the leaf pattern throughout the growing season. Every two weeks or during the growing season, apply a diluted fertilizer. 

Propagation string of turtle


You can easily propagate this plant by cutting and cleaning a mature parent plant. Cut some cuttings from the stumps and place them in a container with soil or other growing media.

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