7 Simple Plants to Curate an Indoor Succulent Garden

 Homiful.com - Tending the plants at indoor can bring fresh and colorful atmosphere. Succulent are popular plants that many people use for indoor plant. Because they have low maintenance and perfect for beginner. Here we have 7 Simple Plants to Curate an Indoor Succulent Garden. Let's see together!

Panda Plant (Kalanchoe tomentosa)


Panda plant is a fuzzy plant with marking brown-red area on the edges of its thick leaves. And the tiny hair at this succulent help to deflect light to prevent the leaves from burning. And it also can prevent excess moisture from clinging to the plant.

Zebra Haworthia


Mostly called with zebra haworthia, it comes from the attractive pattern of bumps that look like stripes. They can grow 8-inches tall and produces white flowers in spring.

Crassula argentea


Crassula or commonly known with jade plant or money plant is a beautiful and easy care succulent. With small round and green leaves, it makes attractive and brand for this succulent types. The new stems become brown and woody with age. You can put them at tabletop or hanging basket for pretty and efficient.

Aloe pepe


Include Aloe hybrid with dwarf shape, Aloe Pepe has dark green leaves and can grow about 2-inches in diameter. They also can grow flower if they have healthy and perfect maintenance. The flowers bloom to sprout red-orange colors.

Burgundy Rubber Plant


A popular indoor plant that many people have, Burgundy rubber tree has glossy leaves and thick that rich with burgundy color. This indoor plant is strong and sturdy, but doesn't like change. Native to rainforests, they can quickly adapt to indoor conditions.

Hedgehog aloe


Include forgiving succulent, Hedgehog Aloe can make perfect for your indoor. With blue-green leaves, they often produce unique spikes of coral red flower in spring or late summer. You can put them at tabletop or near windowsill to help they grow well.

Ponytail Palm


Ponytail palm is a drought tolerant and slow-growing plant. Native to the desert that found in southeastern Mexico, this plant is store water and member of the Agave family. Ponytail palm will happily soak up the sunlight with watering every couple of weeks.

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