Indoor Plant on Windowsill Bring Big Style to Small Space

Indoor Plant on Windowsill Bring Big Style to Small Space -- Window sills are the main part in the right house in terms of plants. Not only makes a balanced impression on the room, but also brings natural coolness. The freshness of the plant can be felt in the window sills of the house for new tor parent plants. With their beautiful decoration, this plant on the window sill will make for an attractive style in limited sizes.

Fill the window of the room

Looking full and stunning, these plants around the windowsill will give a tropical feel. The presence of birds of paradise, monstera and other dwarf plants give the appearance of a beautiful space. Combined with hanging plants along with a compact planter.

In harmony with nature

Harmonization of the room in the house will bring full of grace. Especially with the natural surroundings which are very cool and under the back of the house. Shown a display of window sill plants that are easy and inexpensive to own. Hanging on each series of ceilings to line up in the room's cabinet.  

Arrange neatly with shelf stand

Expose all your plants at home, especially on the windowsill, by using a plant rack. This idea will last a long time and be enjoyed visually by the eye clearly. Choose plants that are tolerant of sunlight, such as snake plant monstera and ficus plant.

Place it on the side of the window face

The plant arrangement doesn't have to be right on the window sill. You can set it right on one side of the room wall with. Using a planter to the maximum vertical garden concept for a small room.

Hang it on the window frame

With the concept of a vertical garden, you can maximize the room neatly. Choose trailing plants such as succulents or pothos and others. Combine with plant that bring the dominant natural freshness.

Show clearly

This detailed arrangement of the windowsill will enhance this part of the house. Terracotta clay planter will be the main choice. This huge monstera will be the most visually appealing and striking.

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