7 Best Indoor Plant for Easy to Maintenance

7 Best Indoor Plant for Easy to Maintenance

Homiful.com -- Plants will help us to make the room smell and look better. Of course, this requires that you choose indoor plants to restore decoration and liven up a happier atmosphere. According to some sources, plants can influence a person's thought and moods. Choose some low-maintenance plants for the room:


Devil's ivy

THis is an ornamental plant that is easy to care for and thrives in low-light environments. Easy maintenance makes it simple for those  of you who are always on the go to solve problems. Provide proper compost fertilization and perfect irrigation.


Monstera is also known as a Swiss Cheese plant and is popular among many people, including beginners. This indoor plant requires minimal care because it is easy to store and does not requires frequent watering. This plant prefers a shady environment and does not like direct sunlight.


Calathea is a beautiful tropical plant with striped leaves. Very suitable for beginners due to its ease of maintenance, it can be placed in an indirect light room to brighten with moisture and is simple to grow. You don't need to overwater it to keep the soil from becoming too wet and rotting the roots.


ZZ plant

Many houseplant enthusiast continue to prefer ZZ plants. This plant has a unique leaf shape with a glossy wax coating and is low maintenance, low light, and tolerates a wide range of indoor conditions.

String of Heart

A string of hearts is a hanging plant that never loses a fan. This succulent plant has a heart-shaped leaf with a pink color and a loverly motif. This succulent plant grows well indoors, requires little care, and can be placed on a windowsill.

Peace Lily

The peace lily is a lovely flower with dark green leaves and lovely white flowers. According to NASA, this plant is among the best air purifiers plants and is suitable for beginners due to its easy of maintenance.


Anthurium is a beautiful red heart-shaped ornamental flower. This plant is suitable for beginners who can grow it indoors with 1 - 2 weeks of fertilization and periodic watering.

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