Attractive Bohemian Rustic Ideas In Every Space at Home and How to Pull it Off

Attractive Bohemian Rustic Ideas In Every Space at Home and How to Pull it Off -- Bohemian-style decor tends to use bold colors and eccentric-looking furniture elements. Starting from the arrangement of space with the incorporation of bright and striking colors, the bohemian theme can revive the atmosphere at home. Can be combines with a rustic style with brown elements and rattan material.

Take a look at some of the decorating ideas below which are the most popular for you to place in every corner of the room at home.

Choose bohemian style furniture

Starting with the arrangement of decorations in the room with the main elements first such as room furniture from the sofa, pouf, coffee table to adding other furniture that looks supportive. Choose a model with bold details and bring back some rustic-style furniture that dominates.

 Beautify with chocolate elements

Applying bohemian and rustic styles in one area is not a difficult thing to change. As you can see, the bohemian details are quite visible in the selection of upholstered carpets with matching sofas. Strengthen it with rustic elements to a look that emphasizes the room with an orange wall paint color that is almost like clay.

Abundant plants

Create a bright atmosphere with new life using greenery which is a must. A selection of lush plants that are not only beautiful but also purify the air around you. Such as tropical palm trees or the like.

Fill with pattern details

Complete each room with a throughout bohemian rustic style to explore the different details of each room. One of the uses a typical pattern with amazing motifs and maybe this looks weird. But will be timeless with similar interiors in every solid color and decoration used.

Show the motif more closely

Use the walls of the room to become a beautiful gallery full of decorations. Unique knick-knacks with motifs with semi-vintage accent details to mirror changes on all walls of the room to give the illusion of a more prominent space.

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