Choosing Plants for a Small Garden Space -- Choosing plants for the garden is fun. However, when selecting plants for a small garden, we should not go overboard. Too many plants will make the garden less unappealing and crowded. You can have one or more of the following plants that are perfect for a small garden. Hopefully, this article will help you: Choosing Plants for a Small Garden Space.

1. Bromeliads 


Color your small garden with bromeliad plants. Bromeliads are unique in the shape of their leaves, resembling pineapple leaves with various types of pattern and different color. Bromeliads will add an exotic touch to your small garden area. 

2. Wall tree for hanging plants


Even if you have a small garden, there is still room for more plants. Use garden walls to create a feature tree painting like this one. Bring the leaves to life with with vines or leafy plants, such as tradescantia or ferns as pictured. This feature will enhance the beauty of your small garden even more beautiful. 

3. Croton 


Plants have numerous options. However, we recommend choosing at least one plant with a vibrant color. The croton plant is one of them. Croton petra plants will look great as a garden border. This plant will instantly brighten up your small garden. 

4. Tradescantia pallida


Tradescanti pallida even looks great in this stair garden. This plant is useful as a border plant in garden or accent plants. Furthermore, tradescantia pallida has a lovely purple color that makes a small garden more stunning. This plant is also easy to care for. They can be watered when the soil is dry and do not require frequent fertilization. 

5. Climbing Rose


Running out of land to have amazing plants? You can try to choose climbing rose plants. Rose plants will not only beautify your small outdoor space. Climbing roses can grow beautifully on supports installed in vertical spaces. This will be a good way to beautify a small garden. 

6. Coleus plant


You can make a small outdoor space into a colorful coleus garden. Coleus makes the garden have a unique vibe. This plant has many exotic colors and patterns. Furthermore, coleus is a plant that thrives in direct sunlight. 

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