7 Amazing Spider Plant Benefits

 Homiful.com - Spider plants bring more benefit at your home. Besides has beautiful looks, this plant easy to care and can improve the environment. Here we have some of 7 Amazing Spider Plant Benefits that can you learn. Let's see!

Low Maintenance


This houseplant suitable for you busy people or often travels. Spider plants can adapt to a wide variety of light condition. They prefer in bright, indirect light and can survive in dark area. For the temperature, spider plants can tolerate, and they can survive brief periods as low as 40 degrees. And for the watering, they can tolerate it, even in overeating or underwatering.

Healthy for Patients


Have you ever seen that spider plants in the hospital room? It was observed that plants placed in rooms can bring positive effects for the patients. The effect compare to those who were kept in rooms without plants. 

Safe for Pets


It's good news for you that have pets at home. This houseplant is not toxic for pets. ASPCA clearly states that spider plant safe for cats and dogs. Also, we didn't find any evidence of spider plant toxicity to pets in our research.

Suitable Feng Shui


To be known, spider plants have a solid connection to the Earth element. And you can place the spider plant at bedroom or living room that can help you ground yourself. They can also be valuable additions near studies or desks, wherever that they can help you connect with learning.

Appealing Appearance


As a popular houseplant, spider plant has pretty looks that can improve your home decoration. To growing this houseplant, you can hang on the ceiling or windowsill, that can make simple and save space.

Removes the Pollutant


Part of NASA Clean Air Study, spider plant can remove the air pollutant. This houseplant effective in removing carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene. Spider plants can remove more than 95% of toxic agents from the air, one of the spider plant health benefits to consider.

Easier Breathing


Having plants can improve the appearance and breathing habitat for humans. And spider plants do this to that remove the air pollutant and produce the oxygen. Other interest facts, spider plants produce more chlorophyll than other variegated houseplants, which means more oxygen production.

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