7 Underwater Plant Propagation Ideas for a Modern and Appealing Space

7 Underwater Plant Propagation Ideas for a Modern and Appealing Space

Homiful.com -- If you like ornamental plants, multiplying them through water propagation is the best idea for you to try. This method, in addition to being an indoor decoration material, will make the house more appealing and have a modern look with many combinations. Look at the following 7 Underwater Plant Propagation Ideas for a Contemporary and Appealing Environment:

Glass bottle kalanchoe propagator


Plants can be saved in decorative glass bottles for the windowsill. Choose ornamental plants that thrive in water, such as kalanchoe. To make it more modern, select a one-of-a-kind glass bottle with decorative elements.

Station for propagating bottles made of wood and glass


The following is a wood and metal plant propagation station. Pothos has pleasing appearance and can be used to decorate a room table. Glass bottles bring a modern tropical theme to any room.

Hangers for plant propagation


This is a great idea for home wall decoration. This vertical garden concept will enhance the beauty of your plants. Real clay will appear environmentally friendly but will not be timeless.

Propagation of vertical wall glass bottles


This floating wall shelf with wooden hooks is ideal for propagation. Plant propagation with this will look cool to fill the decoration for an empty space.

Macrame propagation plant station


This macrame can be used as a jar for your propagation station. I believe that using this ide is the most unique, as it is not limited to being display in every room.

Unusual propagation station design


Exotic wood is being used to decorate this propagation station. Placed in the shape of a box for a stunning stand. Plants can be propagated in test tubes for a proper office desk.

Tube propagation station made by hand


Come up with an appealing and relatively simple propagation station idea. Place it on the windowsill and secure it with the iron. It is very simple to experiment with items from your own home.

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