7 Houseplants with Amazing Velvet Leaves

7 Houseplants with Amazing Velvet Leaves

Homiful.com -- There are numerous exotic ornamental plants available to decorate your home. However, the velvet leaf plant is the most unique for interior house plants. This soft and beautiful foliage can be added to your collection if you enjoy exotic plants. Choose some from the seven options listed below:

Gynura Aurantica


A passionate purple color with a lovely and appealing blend velvety green accented with fine, dark plant prefers hanging basket pots, which are ideal for corners of the room.

Alocasia rare black velvet


Alocasia rare black velvet is an ornamental plant that produces velvet leaves with hearth and oval shapes. This plant thrives in the shade, with almost blackish green leaves on top and a purple underside. The vines will appear bright and in a exotic silver gray color.

Philodendron Gigas


The best houseplant is this indoor houseplant with dark leaves and large leaves. Leaves with a velvety touch of green that grow well with little fuss. This plant prefers partial shade over full shade and requires regular watering.

Tradescantia Sillamontana


Tradescantia sillamontana is an intriguing Tradescantia species. Gray-green dull olive leaf plant has a purple hue and silver-white silky hair. this plant also has lovely flowers that are lovely all year.

Philodendron Micans


Philodendron micans is a velvet heart-shaped plant that comes with a dark green bronze color and pink highlights. This plant can grow in a suitable vine using hanging baskets and will shine when it receives intense but indirect light.

Kalanchoe tomentosa


It's a beautiful plant with sheer leaves and velvety accents that would look great in any room or any table. This thick, dark brown edging leaf has soft, hairy leaves with an attractive appearance that works well in areas with moderate to light.

Calathea Warsewiczii 


The popular calathea type plant is next, with bold and beautiful velvety leaves. This eye-catching dark green design with a grapefruit underside has a motif similar to any other prayer calathea. It thrives in humid environments and acts as a humidifier in the room.

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