7 Amazing Tiger-Patterned Houseplants


7 Amazing Tiger-Patterned Houseplants

Homiful.com -- The topic of plants is never ending. Starting with the various types, beautiful colors, patterns, and flowers that add a sense of freshness to the interior and page. In this post, you can find a variety of unique plants with tiger patterns to add to your home collection. 

This plant will keep the interior of your home looking nice all year. Choose from the following 7 ornamental plants to enhance your home decor.

Aloe Tiger 


One of the most beautiful agarwood plants, with fleshy leaves, small sword-shaped, and beautifully striped leaves that resemble a white tiger and are marked on green leaves. This plant thrives in shade, indirect sunlight, and regular watering.

Tiger kalanchoe


This tiger-themed kalanchoe plants has pale green leaves in the shape of an egg with purple or maroon stripes on the leaf surface. During the summer, it grows to a small size and produces purple-green flowers. This plant will make an excellent room table decoration. 

Alocasia zebrina tiger

tennakah_plants alocasia

This type of alocasia is very attractive, with a tiger-patterned stem that distinguishes this plant from others of its kind. Also known as the zebra plant or the eye-catching elephant ear plant.

Crassula picturata


This small succulent with a tiger motif has gray-green leaves shaped like a shield with contrasting dark blue-green spots and a purple underside with a tiger pattern.

The tiger fern


A fern is the next lovely plant with a tiger motif. This hanging fern plant, which can add a more tropical feel to the room, is ideal for a home hanging basket. Tiered green, long size, and a refreshing yellow-green play.

Calathea white tiger


Calathea white fushion is a green leafy plant with a white motif. Any gardener deserve a plant that is easy to care for and grows well indoors or outdoors.

Silver quill


This tiger motif plant grows well in both sun and shade, with variegated silver leaves and spots. Set it on the windowsill for lush, long lasting growth.

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