7 Indoor Plants You Can Grow in Glass Jars and Bottles - Water Propagation

Homiful.com -- Having plants of various types is starting to be popular because it is very fun to fill spare time. Many people began to multiply plants in various ways, including using water. Water propagation is a popular activity among plant lovers. However, not all plants can be propagated in water. For some types that you can grow in your glasses and jars, check the following article about 7 Indoor Plants You Can Grow in Glass Jars and Bottles - Water Propagation.

Rubber plant


Growing plants with stems and roots, of course, is commonplace and ordinary. For this rubber plant, it will be very interesting because it uses its leaves to be grown with water to bring out dense roots. You can move it when the roots are ready. Don't be in too much of a hurry to move it, because it can kill it.




Although classified as a succulent and does not like excessive watering when in a pot, you can grow this haworthia in a jar of water. To keep it healthy, make sure you change the water when it gets dirty. Place it in an area that has sufficient light will be preferred.


Pilea Peperomioides


 Not only to multiply plants, you can grow these plants in a glass of water for a long time. You can take plant lets from the parent to grow independently in a glass of water. If you like growing in a pot, you can plant it when the roots are 1-2 inches deep.



Calathea Maranta


Propagation of calathea does not always work satisfactorily. There are several things you need to pay attention to when placing it in water. Choose a healthy calathea to place in a water bottle. Pay attention to water usage and make sure you use clean water and a small amount of liquid fertilizer mixture to strengthen root growth.


Monstera Obliqua


 Monstera is one of the most popular types of plants grown in water. First, you can cut the plant with sharp scissors, then transfer it to clean water and place it in an area that has bright and indirect light. The location will be preferable and grow roots better.



Pothos Plant


 Having pothos can be a pleasure as it is a non-fussy maintenance and is also a good air purifier. You can have this plant in a water bottle, and it will grow very well and doesn't have to be planted in soil.



Ludisia Discolor

Do you like it a lot? No need to buy new plants, because Ludisia discolor is very easy to propagate. Take the stem cuttings and place them in a jar filled with water and place them in a north facing window, waiting a few weeks to see the roots.
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