7 Ways to Use a Cactus Plant for Home Decoration

Homiful.com -- Cactus. There is something unique about this thick-fleshy plant. They come in a wide variety of shapes and textures, which look great as home decor. Most cacti also tend to be easy to care for.  They can survive even with irregular watering and dry soil. There are several ways to make the corner of your house and garden cooler with cacti, find out how in 7 ways to use a cactus plant for home decoration.

Cactus for rooftop decoration


Having a roof garden with a design like this can be your home paradise. The more perfect with the surrounding plants. A permanent bench with a box planter behind it, it's a great spot to plant cacti and gives a strong, upright accent to the rooftop garden. These cacti definitely adds freshness to the rooftop.

Have a cactus island


The large lawn feels too plain without any decorative touches. You can create an island in the garden, like a desert island. On gravel soil, plant beautiful Adenium flowers, and some prickly cacti for a unique desert feel in the middle of a fresh lawn.

Stunning cactus for home decoration


Monkey tail cactus has a unique shape, with fleshy texture and white fluffy fur. In a black pot at home, you can add an adorable fox figurine in front of the monkey tail cactus. From a distance, this would be an imaginative home decor, like a nine-tailed fox in the Eastern sense.

Make cactus a hanging plant


There is Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera). It has small spiny leaves and is thinner than other cacti. Christmas cactus are easier to produce flowers. It is also an indoor plant that loves indirect sunlight. Hang the plant in an empty-vertical space, such as near an east or west-facing window with bright indirect light.

Tall cactus as focal point


You can make cacti as a focal point plant in your room. Choose the type of cacti that's suitable for indoor. Consider whether any children will be in the room. If so, it is advisable to pick cacti with fewer or no spines. You can choose an African cactus or another spineless tall cactus as the focal point.

Make it a seasonal decoration


Cacti produce flowers in certain seasons. This will be a fresh and interesting seasonal decoration idea. Christmas cacti tend to bloom from early winter to mid-winter. Meanwhile, Easter cactus bloom from late winter to mid-spring. Place it in bright and indirect light to trigger blooming. 

Use the right backdrop


If you want to make a cactus as a home decoration, make sure you choose the right backdrop for the cactus. For example, hanging a flowering monkey tail cactus with a black backdrop to show contrast and make the cactus shine. 


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