7 Houseplant that are Perfect for Growing in Dark Areas

7 Houseplant that are Perfect for Growing in Dark Areas

Homiful.com -- Placing ornamental plants in the room can provide many benefits. It can improve air quality, clean various pollutants and cool the room. Maybe the problem is that a dark room can make plants die and wilt. No need to worry, you can choose 7 lists of ornamental plants that grow well even in dark areas of light.




Dracaena is an ornamental plant that grows tall when outdoors and only has full view. These fantastically colorful leaves are popular for plants that thrive in dark areas of light. Its easy maintenance can also be suitable for beginners, you can place it in the yard and is very tolerant of bright light.



Next up is a home pothos plant suitable for dark areas. This plant can survive even in dark light and irregular watering. Can grow up to 10 feet, propagate and place in hanging baskets.

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia


ZZ plant's are so underrated. These are one the top plant for every room. Amazing low light plant that also thrives in brighter light settings too. This is more good for our home, especially dark area. 



The philodendron is also one of the gardener's iconic and favorite houseplant. This plant grows well in low light conditions and without extra care. Very suitable for beginners who love ornamental plants and those of you who are not so painstaking.

Spider plant


Spider plants also include plants that are easy to grow in neglect. High tolerance to low light, neglected watering make this plant perfect for busy people.

Peace lily


Peace lily are not only beautiful with white spathe that can bloom several times a year. This plant even grows well in rooms with low to moderate light. You don't need to give too much treatment so that its growth is stunted.

Snake plant


This snake plant with erect and sharp leaves has a hard texture. Tolerates high to low light and needs water every 2 - 6 weeks. This plant has important benefits for indoor air.

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