7 Perfect Houseplant Growing In Direct Sunlight

7 Perfect Houseplant Growing Indirect Sunlight

Homiful.com -- Growing ornamental plants in full sun is a challenge in itself. Besides being able to cause plants to scorch, wilt and even die, this condition may often be experienced. But you can choose ornamental plants that area tolerant of direct sunlight and can be plants for the home garden. Read on for the following 7 plants that grow in direct sunlight:



This gardener's favorite plant of yesterday is one of those houseplants that grows well outdoors in direct sunlight. Gardenia plants have a very charming aroma with regular watering without allowing water to sink under the plant pot.



A succulent that does not require much care, grows well in direct light, and can bring a tropical atmosphere into the room is the ponytail. These thin, hair-like clumps of leaves can grow outdoors in summer. Safe for pets so that it can be a home garden plant.



One of the home herbs that can last a long time in the sun in basil. You can plant aromatic plants with a medium size planter. Thrive in direct sunlight and place in a south-facing window.



Choose colorful ornamental plants for the room or yard that grow well in the sun, namely the croton plant. Plants that have a variety of colors such as red, yellow, green, orange, brown, purple, and black grow in well-drained pots.



Unlike other thorny plants, this adenium has no thorns, so it cannot protect itself from the unsanitary desert. This plant with a shape similar to a bonsai tree has beautiful flowers like trumpets in red, white, pink, purple. You can place it in a bright location around the room and away from the wind.



This plant known as the lucky plant is quite closely related to culture in several countries. Plants with quite varied leaves. Many of which have green, red, orange, pink and brown colors. Perfect ornamental plant for gardens with direct sun exposure.

Aloe Vera


This succulent desert plant has thorny and likes dry, sunny conditions. Grow fast with many offspring that can be reproduced on their own. You can place this plant in direct sunlight with a soil PH of 7 - 8.5. 

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