7 Varieties of Prayer Plants that are Easy to Grow

7 Varieties of Prayer Plants that are Easy to Grow

Homiful.com -- A beautiful plant that is beautiful for the room is Calathea. Besides that, you can choose more detailed varieties such as the most beautiful prayer plants to grow. Find out the types in the 7 Varieties of Prayer Plants that are Easy to Grow below:


Calathea Flamestar


Attractive light green leaf color with brush strokes. Has a fine line that frames the calathea leaf into two halves. This red leaf vein is very attractive to be a sweetener, with green markings sticking out in the middle.

Ctenanthe Burle Marxii


Very attractive ornamental plant and perfect in a room without direct sunlight. This plant has green leaves that come from Brazil with easy care. Also called fish bone prayer plant with a pattern of alternating stripes.

Calathea Zebrina 


The most popular ornamental plant is Calathea Zebrina oval leaves, dark green color decorated with regular lines of bright green color on the leaves. This plant grows up to 1 meter in height and can be even longer.

Calathea Makoyana


It is also known as the red plant, which belongs to the Maranta family. This plant has leaves with a green and white stripe motif with a dark bottom color. This plant is suitable for rooms with low light or artificial light.

Calathea Lancifolia Rattlesnake plant


Characterized by elongated oval leaves, this plant has short petioles. Light green leaves have dark green stripes and dots, accented with deep purple undersides. This plant has a motif like snake skin, so it is nicknamed the rattlesnake.

Calathea Warsewicziii


This plant that come from Nicaragua and Costa Rica is very beautiful for any room in the house. This dark green leaf color with a smooth velvet-like surface makes the Calathea plant nicknamed Jungle velvet. Leaves with firm lines of light green color and faint on the edges of the overall leaf become one of the characteristics of this plant.

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