7 Great Houseplant for the Kitchen

7 Great Houseplant for the Kitchen

Homiful.com -- Some cases experienced for the kitchen are may not look a little like lighting to a less organized kitchen atmosphere. But you can overcome the problem of circulation of the kitchen space with the presence of ornamental plants that are suitable for the kitchen area. As in the following review, you can choose some ornamental plants to herbal plants and aromatherapy.



This air purifier plant is a bromeliad that works hard to eradicate the palate of eight VOC. A beautiful and nice display with beautiful flowers can bring a tropical atmosphere into the kitchen at home.

Golden Pothos


Golden pothos is also called devil's ivy or money plant, which has many benefits for the room. Especially the kitchen which is full of cooking smoke every day, with this pothos plant it can reduce unpleasant odors to the atmosphere of a less clean kitchen space. This pothos is applicable to a good air purifier and has an easy maintenance.



Nasturtium is a home garden plant that grows as an ornamental plant. Place it around a window sill that is not only beautiful with beautiful flowers of bright colors. This plant also has advantages, especially the leaves you can add to salads.



This beautiful herbal plant with fresh aromatics can be a substitute for some spices at home. You can add this plant to your dish by cutting it a little. Place it in a sunny area where it is a non-toxic plant for cats and dogs.

English Ivy


Another ornamental plant that is suitable for the kitchen space is English ivy. This plant known as air purifier can keep the kitchen space naturally clean. Place it in a hanging basket, which is one of the best to keep away from dogs and cats because this plant is toxic to them.

Aloe Vera


Aloe vera is a powerful, easy-to-care plant that is perfect for areas of the kitchen that can treat burns. It can also help purify the air, but is toxic to cats and dogs. Place them around kitchen areas such as tables or shelves.



Using coriander powder in food will indeed be very tasty. You can plant this plant for the kitchen space around the windowsill. Also place it with a series of other herbs such as mint, basil, or scallions.

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