7 Best Indoor Plants for Hot Rooms

7 Best Indoor Plants for Hot Rooms

Homiful.com -- A hot room is not comfortable to use, it seems claustrophobic and anger is more easily spurred on. Therefore, you can overcome a hot room by adding green plants to restore the tropical atmosphere and refresh the mind. You can choose some of the best indoor plants used to complete a room full of decor.

Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis


A bright, hot room is perfect for complementing tropical hibiscus. This plant has beautiful flowers that are never ending, blooming large in red, pink, white, orange or yellow. Fertilize once every month with the right mix and regular watering to recreate moisture.



Kalanchoe is a tropical plant from Madagascar that belongs to the succulent family. This plant can thrive in a sunny and war room. The colorful flowers will brighten the atmosphere, which can make the room fresher throughout the day.



Next is the croton, which is a year-round ornamental plant for a warm, bright room with a variety of leaf colors. This plant has smooth, shiny leaves with curly and long leaves. This plant is very tolerant of direct or partial sunlight, with less frequent watering.



Euphorbia is a plant from Madagascar that has thorny stems. This plant may be mistaken for a cactus plant. Grows perfectly indoors or outdoors with bright light, which can produce the best flowers and bloom all day long. Pay attention to the humidity of this plant because if it is too much it can cause the roots and stems to rot.

Spider plant


The plant that will make your hot room tropical is the spider plant. This plant is the easiest to grow in an indoor location and is perfect for corners using hanging baskets. This plant produces good growth in a room with normal temperature and indirect lighting.

Caryota Mitis


The tropical atmosphere will return with this ornamental palm tree or commonly called fishtail. A plant with leaves resembling fishtails with a refreshing tropical appeal. Lover bright light and grows well in southern light. Choose this plant to create a fully humid and tropical environment.

ZZ plant

zz plant

ZZ plant is a leaf plant without a stalk. Shiny leaves with a wax coating will give a fresh effect and be an air purifier as well as for a hot room. You don't need to do extra care because this plant can grow well indoors without intense light.

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