7 Large-leafed Houseplants that Turn the House Into Indoor Greenery

7 Large-leafed Houseplants that Turn the House Into Indoor Greenery

Homiful.com -- Using large-leaved ornamental plants to make a striking statement in a room at home is one way to create a jungle of plants in one vision. Plants with large leaves and a variety of shapes, such as monstera, are ideal for rustic, industrial, or other interior styles. Fill in the blanks with these 7 large-leaved ornamental plants:

Monstera deliciosa


Monstera, which has 45 cm leaves, has been a popular plant over the last year. This monstera will add a refreshing tropical forest atmosphere to your home. The color of dark green leaves looks lush and really cools the room. Place in a room with indirect light and pay attention to watering and soil requirements.

Dieffenbachia seguine


The seguine variety has the largest leaves of all the varieties. Reaching a length of 12 cm and displaying a soft and beautiful colored appearance with a glossy green nuance that looks appealing in any room. This Plant from clumps and thrives in a room that needs to be refreshed. 

This plant is widely used as an ornamental plant and has the added benefits of calming the environment at home or at the office.

Farfugium Japonicum


This clump perennial has round leaves and bright yellow flowers that are dark green, and shiny. Grows well in a room, giving it an artistic appearance as a room decoration. It thrives in indirect light, with high humidity and an acidic to neutral pH.

Anthurium crystals 


This plant has heart-shaped leaves that are dark green and rough-looking, with a shiny appearance and bright veins. It has a drooping habit. This anthurium crystal, which is different from other varieties, is an ornamental plant that grows well indoors and has a length of 12.5 cm. 

When placed in a large room, it's very large and beautiful leaves will appear transformed.

Philodendron emerald queen


Using this philodendron emerald queen plant, you can create a tropical atmosphere with the nuances of a natural forest. Plants with long, drooping heart-shaped leaves that are bright green and glossy will stand out against your neutral or dark roar. 

Pay attention to some soil requirements for its fertile growth using soil with an acidic pH and a well-drained pot if you want to add a fresh and exotic touch.

Colocasia black coral


This elephant ear plants has a heart shape and can grow up to 3 feet tall with black leaves. Copper black and purple veins will add drama and boldness to a room's interior design. Grows well in indirect light and in a well-drained pot with a mix of acidic to neutral pH plants. 

Calathea orbifolia


Calathea orbifolia is a type of calathe that has large leaves and a perfectly round width, giving the appearance of a tropical space. With proper care and selection of well-drained soil, this plant will provide a forest-like atmosphere.

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