7 Houseplants That Can Live On Top Of Your Fridge

 Homiful.com - Do you know that houseplant can grow and live on top of the fridge? Then, you must know it that can make your kitchen get attractive vibes. Here we have 7 Houseplants That Can Live On Top Of Your Fridge that you can try. Let's see!

Money Plant


Chines money plant or has botanical name with Pilea peperomioides is the one of houseplant that has cute look. You can grow this houseplant either in water or soil. Put on top of refrigerator that can make fresh your kitchen area.

Aloe vera


Mostly known with Aloe vera, this houseplant brings the benefit at your indoor air. Not only looks appealing at the top of the fridge, this air purifying plants can act as first aid to heal minor cuts and burns in the kitchen.

Philodendron Silver Stripe


Philodendron Silver Stripe or can call with heart leaf philodendron is a creeper or trailing plant. You can put this houseplant on top of the fridge. The elegant white stroke in the middle of the leaf gives it the name silver stripe. This houseplant can place at low light and watering between dry out the soil.

Peperomia obtusifolia


Peperomia obtusifolia or can call with baby rubber plant is cute and pretty houseplant that suitable for decoration at indoor. You can put this houseplant at the top of the refrigerator. With dark green coin shaped leaves around the kitchen, can bring calm and avoid fuss accent.

Prayer Plant


Prayer plant or Maranta leuconeura is the houseplant that easy to grow. You can put it on top of the fridge, that grows well in moderate light. 



Has botanical name with Epipremnum aureum, pothos is low maintenance houseplant that perfect for beginner. This houseplant most versatile and can grow in both water and soil. Other way, pothos can help to purify the air around your indoor. You can put it on the fridge top for a beautiful view.

African Violet


African violet or Saintpaulia is a houseplant with beautiful flowers. It stays compact and loves bright indirect light along with frequent watering. And this houseplant suitable to put at the top of refrigerator.

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