What is Causing My Begonia to Wilt? This is a Simple Solution to Consider

What is Causing My Begonia to Wilt? This is a Simple Solution to Consider

Homiful.com -- Begonia is a lovely ornamental plant with a variety plant with a variety of colors and motifs. This plant is simple to care for and is appropriate for beginners. However, care for this plant cannot be overlooked. Some of the issues that may arise in your begonia plants can be identified.

Overwatering and underwatering, for example, can cause this plant to wilt quickly. To repair it, you must first understand the nature of this plant, which is covered in the following review:

 Watering too much


The first thing that causes begonia plants to wilt is overwatering and completely submerging the soil in water. If you get this something like this, check the soil to see if it's too wet or not, as this plant will wilt because it's submerged in water.

To avoid overwatering, inspect the soil before watering to ensure that it is in good conditions and that the plants do not wither.



A variety of factors can cause begonias to wilt when exposed to temperature fluctuations. When you but something from a store and bring it home, the humidity, lighting, and temperature levels may cause it to droop. 

You can avoid wilting begonia plants by shopping at several stores that are well-known for taking good care of the plants. Keep the temperature and humidity in check on the way home, and store in bright, indirect light environment.



Aside from overwatering and other issues, diseases that cause begonias to wilt include leaf spot cause by bacteria and fungi, and pythium rot, which can cause begonias to wilt in 1 -2 days. You can separate it from other plants, prune the leaves affected by bacteria and fungi, and inspect the plants' roots. These area some of the remedies for wilted begonias.

Pressure and temperature


Begonias can thrive in optimal temperatures. However, if the temperature changes and is not between 15 and 24 degrees Celsius, the plant may wither. This pressure causes the leaves to wither and brown until the water absorption is unbalanced. Use a digital thermometer to ensure that plants receive ideal temperatures that are not above average.

Drooping after transplant


This may be the most stressful aspect of repotting begonias for you. Begonias can wilt dramatically after repotting, and this can last for up to 48 hours. Keep the soil moist and place it in a humid room away from direct sunlight to ensure optimal conditions.

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