Snake Plant Propagation Via Cutting, Division, and Pups


Snake Plant Propagation Via Cutting, Division, and Pups -- The snake plant is one of the ornamental plants that must exist and area required in the home. This plant, also known as the mother-in-tongue law's plant, has sharp, spear-shaped leaves and a variety of medicinal properties. 

In this review, we will go over how to properly propagate snakes through cutting, division, or pups, The following is the complete discussion on Snake Plant Propagation Via Cutting, Division, and Pups:

How to grow  snake plant

1. Leaf reproduction


The first method for propagating snake plants is the most common, namely leaf propagation. With one long leaf, a young or mature plant will produce several cuttings that will grow into a whole and healthy plant.

Disperse whole leaves

Furthemore, snake plants can be multiplied directly in water. This is a method of propagation that makes maintenance easier. Simply take the plant's leaves and place them in a glass of water. This method is excellent for tracking growth as new rootf from.

2. Method of division


the next method is remove the plant from the pot and divide it. Remove all of the soil, then loosen and remove some of the roots. With a sharp knife, separate the roots and stems to divide.

Solve the plant problem


After dividing the roots and stems, transfer them to a container filled with soil and draining pot. Replant one of the divisions into the previous container until the pot is full. This repotting can be done after the plant roots have formed and the pot has been filled with plants, and it is a relatively simple method of propagation.

3. The puppy method


Tillers are the final method of plant propagation. Plants with easy care and the right conditions can have offspring from mature plants. Depending on the difficulty level, you can do this my moving plants or simply cutting plants from above.

Repotting is also recommended after purchasing the plants. Remove from the soil and transfer to a new container for larger, more abundant growth.

Snake plant maintenance


After you have finished propagating the plants, you must continue to care for them so that they live and grow large. Proper plant moisture, limiting watering until individual cuttings are ready to be transplanted, and avoiding fertilization after planting are some treatments to consider. 

You can also pay attention to plant lighting, irrigation, temperature, and plant maintenance, which are all important factors to consider.

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