Modern Classic House Design 4 Storey (10 X 23 M)

Modern Classic House Design 4 Storey (10 X 23 M) -- Modern house design with 4 floors is suitable for those of you who have a large family. With a luxurious classic style, this house looks so charming. Elegant design with maximum facilities, let's check this Modern Classic House Design 4 Storey (10 X 23 M)!

Exterior Design

Exterior Design

This 4-story house is beautifully built in a modern classic style. Minimalist white facade, firm building lines with classic column accents and black color on the frame. A charming design with curves that are not excessive.

Modern Design for Multiple Generations

Modern Design for Multiple Generations

Although the style is classic, this house is far from tacky. The design is adapted to today's modern minimalist style. This house looks unique with its boxy facade and private gate.

Interior Design

Living Room

Turning to the interior, this house has a modern minimalist design. White as the main color to make the impression of a clean and spacious room.

Dining Room

The open space concept is also well applied to this house. The open concept without a partition will make the room more spacious. In addition, it will make the owner feel more comfortable with more free space. 


Each room has a neat interior design according to the needs. The gray color palette and a touch of gold decorate each room and make it more ideal and homey.

Study Room

This house also uses a lot of furniture with minimalist and multifunctional models. Besides functioning as storage, this open shelf also looks beautiful as a wall decoration. 


Comfort is the main factor considered in designing the interior so that it is not haphazard. A large window can be one of the options to make your room comfortable, in addition to a high ceiling. This will make it easier to circulate your air, and also let in more light.

Walk in Closet

House features:

1st Floor:


Multifunctional Room

Dirty Kitchen

Bedroom (1)

2nd Floor:

Family Room

Dining Room



Bedroom (1)

Guest Toilet (1)

3rd Floor:

Bedroom (4)

Bathroom (3)

4th Floor :

Bedroom (1)

Guest Toilet (1)


That's the Modern Classic House Design 4 Storey (10 X 23 M) , what do you think? Do you like it?

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