Beautiful House Design Ideas in Good Landscape

 Homiful.comBeautiful home architecture will certainly provide an interesting effect. Moreover, the house interspersed with some plants and gardens, will give a natural and relaxing impression. Let's look at some home designs that have attractive and comfortable landscapes below.

Pretty double roof

Take a look at the design of this first house. It looks like the design of this two-story house has a beautiful double roof and is stunning. The pyramid roof design that adorns the house with contrasting colors gives the impression of a matching and eye-catching design.

Stylish home design with feng shui

The design and arrangement of houses with feng shui is indeed very good, in addition to being able to bring positive energy, it also provides a comfortable and soothing feel for its residents.

You can pay attention to how the position of windows, doors, and the placement of furniture for good home feng shui. And don't forget the provision of plants that are suitable for home design does need to be done carefully and planned for effective results.

Fresh garden in-home design

This monochrome house design looks more alive with several plants growing in the garden around the house. You can create your own garden landscape and arrange it nicely for beautiful results. Make sure you take care so that the plants that grow in the garden can grow well and produce a good view.

Elegant dark nuance

Not always dark shades in the design of the house produce a gloomy impression. The combination of dark colors with wood brown in the design of this two-story house produces a nice and attractive design. Moreover, the concept of elevation and garden atmosphere around the house increasingly provides a relaxed atmosphere.

Cozy elevated house design

The elevation concept on this two-story house looks stunning. The gray color that dominates the design of this house also gives an elegant residential accent and looks fancy. The arrangement of steps and plants around the house also makes anyone feel at home to live in this natural house.

Minimalist 2-storey house design

Although it has a simple design, this two-story house looks comfortable and stylish. The dominance of light colors with the effect of rocks that decorate it gives the impression of a natural and fresh residence. Moreover, the right arrangement and sufficient lighting make the house look stunning.

That are Beautiful House Design Ideas in Good Landscape you can inspire by this information. Have a nice day, everyone.

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