Luxury Two-Storey Classic House Design Ideas (4 Bedrooms)

Luxury Two-Storey Classic House Design Ideas (4 Bedrooms) - Classic-style home designs always attract attention with their distinctive and elegant appearance. The following two-storey house has a luxurious bungalow look. The following Luxury Two-Storey Classic House Design Ideas (4 Bedrooms) can be an inspiration for anyone who loves awesome classic house designs like this. Check out the full design details below!

2-Storey House Ideas

2-Storey House Ideas

This house design has 2 floors which means more space that can be utilized for the benefit of all family members. Building a 2-storey house with a classic style like this is indeed much more expensive than building a minimalist house with the same specifications. However, if you have the budget and are ready to get an exclusive look like this, why not?

Modern Classic Design

Modern Classic Design

Look dazzling and stunning, with a beautiful modern classic home design style. The exterior of the house looks luxurious and elegant. The building lines are bold and sturdy, with a perfect blend of white, gray, and dark blue. This house design looks attractive with an inviting villa style! An elegant design that anyone can fall in love with in an instant.

Luxurious Details

Luxurious Details

The intricate style of the roof, balustrades, pillars, doors, and architectural features all make this house look elegant. The combination of white and gray paint on the top makes it look magnificent with the style and color of the roof.

It has a terrace on the first floor also two balconies on the second floor. Its wide and open balcony offers a beautiful view of nature. This is where family members gather for a relaxing time with the family or even for a coffee session. With the spaciousness of this area, you can actually host a small party.

Elegant and Perfect Look

Elegant and Perfect Look

House Specifications:

Two-storey classic house 120 sqm

- 4 bedrooms

- 3 bathrooms

- living room

- kitchen

- balcony

- built-in garage

- prayer room

- laundry and drying yard

Estimated Budget: USD 100,000-1400,000 or Php 5-7M

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