Perfect 2-Storey Classic Modern House Design Ideas on an Elongated Land

Perfect 2-Storey Classic Modern House Design Ideas on an Elongated Land -- The classic design style always presents a luxurious and elegant feel, which is very pleasing to the eye. This house is built on an elongated land with a size of 10x45 meters, has 2 floors and super complete facilities. Find out more in the following Perfect 2-Storey Classic Modern House Design Ideas on an Elongated Land, Luxurious and Charming! 

Exterior Design

Exterior Design

The appearance of the facade is one of the main things that really needs to be considered. Making a lasting first impression, this house comes across as charming with its classic style. Looking neat with a clean white facade, various arches and sculptural accents seem to decorate the facade well, as well as beautiful wall lights. 

House features:

Land Area 10.5  x 47.5 m

Building Area : 490.77 m2

- 5 Bedrooms

- 5 Bathrooms

- 1 Maid Rooms

Carport and Garden

Carport and Garden

This house has a carport that is spacious enough to accommodate up to 2 cars. The modern carport design with a cast roof and skylight accents, is both calming and stylish. At the front, there is a small garden. The garden is neat and refreshing, filled with green grass and some tropical plants that are easy to maintain. Provides a natural beauty that is so harmonious.

Rear View

Rear View

This is the back side of the house, looking quite simple compared to the front. The rest of the yard is made into a minimalist garden with green grass that is refreshing to see. The garden light accent is also very interesting. For the roof, this house uses a modern combination roof model that is elegant and also functional. A perfect look.

Living Area Ideas

Living Area

Not only the exterior, the interior is equally interesting to review. After passing through the entrance, we will find this living room area. The interior design is minimalist yet modern and elegant. The room looks spacious with the concept of open space and the use of white color. The living room, dining room, and kitchen area are lined up without a partition. Elegant decor with stylish sides.

Dining Room Ideas

Dining Room

The cozy dining room comes with a beautiful marble table set, and 6 chairs. Located in the corner of the room, this dining room has quite a lot of windows. 

In addition to beautifying the visual appearance, large windows also have many benefits, such as making the room brighter. The window design is very attractive with high and large sizes, symmetrical curved models, equipped with curtains made full height. 

Bedroom Idea


This bedroom is designed to be minimalist and luxurious. The combination of white and gray looks harmonious, and is more elegant with gold touch accents and mirror decorations on the walls. The neat arrangement of the space makes the owner feel more comfortable.

Playroom Ideas


Since this house is quite large and has a lot of space, you can customize some rooms to be more functional according to the needs of each family member. This room is utilized as a children's playroom and lounge. 

Just add a cozy floor rug, so that children can play more freely without a lot of furniture. There are open shelves and cabinets with lots of storage, as well as a window seat to sit back and relax, read books and so on.

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