Modern House Design 280 sqm Will Amaze You in Mezzanine Floor

 Homiful.comLet's review the two-story house with a modern and contemporary style below. Built by applying the mezzanine concept, this house has a land area of 280 sqm and a building area of 400 sqm. With dimensions of 12 x 20 meters, you will have a beautiful and elegant house. Let's see for details!

Modern house design

This combination of light and dark colors is enough to give a matching and eye-catching home design accent. Moreover, it looks like a house with different heights between the two sides.

Where the entrance side is designed to be rather high, and on the other side there is a carport that has a rather low design. So it gives the impression of a carport in a design with a basement concept.

Fresh atmosphere

The side of the terrace and the entrance, in front of it, has enough land to be used as a garden. You can plant trees or some plants in this area. This will give the house a fresh atmosphere.

Top view

The double pyramid roof model also enlivens the beauty of this two-story modern house. Moreover, the view of the stairs to the terrace of this house looks neat seen from above.

First-floor design

First-floor features:
  • carport
  • courtyard
  • terrace
  • living room
  • mezzanine floor
  • guest room
  • warehouse
  • indoor garden
  • kitchen
  • dining room
  • backyard
  • bathroom

Second-floor design

Second-floor features:
  • workspace
  • family area
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • balcony

Full floor plan with mezzanine

For the mezzanine floor, it is located between the first floor and the second floor. And on the mezzanine floor, the exact location is above the basement of the carport. Having a space that is not too spacious, this mezzanine floor is used as a place for a maid's room which is also equipped with an en suite bathroom.

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