Luxury Classic House Design 2 Storey L-shaped 140m2 | 4 Bedrooms -- Nowadays, modern classic home designs are in high demand again. No wonder because this design style is so elegant and able to fulfill aesthetics and functionality for comfort while living. 

The following Luxury Classic House Design 2 Storey L-shaped 140m2 | 4 Bedrooms is the perfect example for those of you who want to create a luxury home on a limited land. With 2 floors, this house is suitable for a small-medium family. Let's check the design details below!

On an area of 140m2, this classic 2-storey L-shaped house stands out with its grand and sturdy design. Designed in a soft modern style that is minimalist but no less luxurious, the house is oriented towards open space and luxury from every angle. The owner used smart home design solutions, close to nature, adapt to the climate, and solve the problem of getting light and ventilation for the house.

This house design uses a lot of glass door and Thai roof systems to let in light, catch the breeze, and keep the air inside the house airy and bright. At the same time, it creates a connection between the interior space and the outside garden landscape. 

Exterior is finished in a clean white paint, presenting clean, freshness and sophistication. Combined with the stone wall base, dark-colored glass door frames and dark blue roof system, the contrast creates an impressive and new space for the owner's comfort.

This 2-storey L-shaped modern house uses a Thai-style roof system. This type of roof has many outstanding benefits, bringing many conveniences such as fast rainwater drainage, sturdy, high durability. In addition, the Thai roof style has good feng shui, bringing modern and traditional beauty to the house. 

At the same time, it also contributes to bringing high aesthetics to the final look of the exterior. In addition, this house not only meets the needs of comfortable and modern living but also provides a green and fresh space for the family. 

The ground floor plan shows each functional space, including: 

- Living room

- Kitchen + dining room

- 1 Bedroom

- Altar room

- Bathroom. 

The spacious and airy living room is located near the main door. The open-design kitchen and dining area, connected to the living room space, creates ventilation in the interior of the house. Next to it is the bedroom. The prayer room is located facing the front of the house, using glass doors, ensuring insufficient lighting and fulfilling feng shui elements.

This second floor plan includes the following functional spaces: 

- 3 Bedrooms

- a gym

- storage room

- common bathroom. 

Each bedroom is well-organized and furnished to provide the most comfortable resting space for each family member. In particular, the master bedroom has a large area, merging with the bathroom, providing a private space. The gym area is neatly organized with equipment, ensuring the exercise space is cool and ventilated. Estimated construction cost 3.5 billion, interior finishes 850 million.

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Author        : Rieka

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