Breath-taking 2-Storey House Design with Elegant Interiors -- This modern 2-storey house design will surely amaze you. The exterior image is up to date and stunning, with a perfectly fine and elegant interior design style! The following Breath-taking 2-Storey House Design with Elegant Interiors is a worthy model to try. Let's check out the full details below.

Exterior Design

Exterior Design

The dazzling exterior image with a modern style, you can expect to see the color scheme that this house features. With a brown base supporting the open balcony above, it complements the main color of the walls which is beige or off white. 

The roof is a long-span metal type roof chosen in brown to complement the walls and columns below. Even the enclosed garage design looks rectangular curves with a brown coating. Having a small garden at the front adds a classy feel to this two-story home inspiration.

Living Area

Living Area

The interior basically matches the exterior color scheme, which is also a combination of dark colors and off-white. To provide a segment on the wall, a classic patterned wall paper is provided on the back of the flat TV. This room looks spacious with the concept of open space without partition. Cozy ambience with proper lighting.

Bedroom Ideas


The bedroom side looks so cozy. Spacious interior with a dominant white color and beige accents that complement it. The bedroom ceiling consists of a decorative cornice with the floor designed to have a light brown color that can be either ceramic tiles or carpet. The walls appear dimensional with patterned wallpaper that is luxurious and elegant.

Center Room Ideas

Center Room

After the living room, we come to this side of the center room. It looks spacious, thanks to the open space design that merges the center room with the kitchen area. This center room can be a versatile space, you can make it specifically for your hobby room, relaxing place and so on. The center room is equipped with sofa sets on the sides, and a billiard table in the middle. 

Kitchen Area


Spacious and fancy kitchen area. Equipped with a U-shaped kitchen set table, this kitchen has a large area for cooking and preparing food. In the middle is a minimalist and classic kitchen island. It glows with black color, and the table top is finished with white marble granite. This kitchen also has adequate ventilation.

Laundry Room


Because it is quite spacious with 2 floors, this house has a lot of space that can be utilized for the needs of all family members. This house is equipped with an indoor laundry room with a fairly large size. Not only for washing and drying laundry, you can also iron here. This room is equipped with a built-in cabinet with plenty of storage space, and also an additional table in the center of the room.

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

In the back is the relaxation area. Small pools add a classy feel to this house with an outdoor gazebo consisting of wicker furniture lined with blue lights. It is a place where you can relax at night when you can't sleep, plunging into the pool to feel the sudden satisfaction of coolness.

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