2-Storey Luxury House Design with 3 Bedrooms, Minimalist and Classic!

2-Storey Luxury House Design with 3 Bedrooms, Minimalist and Classic! 

Homiful.com -- Trend of 2-storey house design with modern architectural style and feng shui standard function is currently one type of house design that is widely favored and can be chosen for your family's dream home. Luxury, sophistication, high aesthetics meet the criteria of modern living needs. Let's check out more details on this 2-Storey Luxury House Design with 3 Bedrooms, Minimalist and Classic! below..

Front View Design

Front View

The design of this house looks so minimalist and elegant with matching modern and classic styles. The smooth lines of the building look solid. The circular pillar system in the main lobby is highlighted at the head and foot with black stone cladding combined with an aluminum-framed glass door system, glass railings, and imitation wood wall tiles, creating a harmonious balance in the interior. 

With white color on the facade, this house looks clean and spacious, very classic. With a land size of 8x14 meters, this house has 2 floors with more rooms that can be used for the needs of each family. 

Side Corner View

Side Corner

The front yard is designed to be quite spacious and airy, the L-shaped space is maximally utilized. This will be the parking lot, ventilation and direct light distribution inside the house to other spaces. The house is designed with a small balcony located on the side of the facade and equipped with tables and chairs, perfect for relaxing and viewing the scenery outside. 

Exterior Design

Exterior Design

For the roof, the house uses a Thai roof designed in the shape of an A with a stepped design, extending from the main roof to the secondary roof covering the entire architecture, creating a synchronized effect and presenting a perfect and true uniformity. The fence section also looks minimalist with a sturdy and beautiful traditional-style gate, this will make the house more eye-catching. 

Floor Plan

1st Floor Plan

1st floor features: 

- Small Terrace 

- Living Room 

- Kitchen and Dining Room 

- 1 Bedroom 

- Common Bathroom 

2nd Floor Plan

2nd floor features: 

- Prayer Room 

- Balcony 

- 2 Bedrooms 

- 1 Master Bedroom with Private Dressing Room 

- 1 Bathroom

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