Luxury House Design with Outdoor Cinema That Exudes Grandeur

 Homiful.comOne that is loved today is a modern home design that looks luxurious and stylish. With a simple and minimalist design, making the house look timeless. Below will be discussed two-story luxury modern houses that look charming and stunning.

Modern and luxury house design

The modern concept appears in this two-story house. The combination of light and dark colors makes the design of the house look stylish and contemporary. It looks like a large enough yard can be used as a carport and also a beautiful garden.

Living room

Entering the interior, it seems that this living room has a luxurious design even though it is small or medium in size. The ceiling that is built high enough greatly affects the effect of this living room which looks spacious and large. Coupled with wide and high window openings also helps the living room have access to sunlight.

Open concept interior

On the other hand, there is a room directly facing the backyard area. No need for a closed wall as a barrier, just a sliding door with transparent glass material will enable you to enjoy the outdoor view from inside the room.

Artistic stairway design

The design of the stairs which is the access to the second floor looks charming with an artistic and modern design. White shades that adorn the stairs and glass barriers make the staircase area look clean. In addition, the neat pattern accompanied by lighting on the walls along the stairs makes this area suitable for use as a photo spot.

Kitchen area

The appearance of dark shades and wood elements makes the kitchen look stunning and modern. A touch of plants that adorn the kitchen island area gives a fresh and not monotonous accent to the room.

Outdoor cinema

A large enough backyard can be used as a functional place. Such as used to create parks, swimming pools, and outdoor cinemas. By placing a wide screen that is easy to move, complete this outdoor cinema by placing a sofa, not forgetting to add other decorations such as string lights and other decorations to look beautiful and comfortable.

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